What is the difference between ecological, bio, organic, kilometre 0 and local food?

Many of us have changed our eating habits and have improved the quality of the products we consume, and more people are considering it. However, beyond following a balanced diet based on fruits, vegetables and cereals, do we know how to identify the differences between bio, ecological, organic, kilometre 0 and local foods?

Although the first three words are synonymous, the other two are not, they do not mean the same thing or have an equivalent use.

A bio, ecological or organic food is one that has been produced naturally, avoiding any chemical components (pesticides, fertilizers, etc) that alter the natural ecosystem or which can modify it genetically during growth. We highlight higher nutritional values ​​as advantages: more vitamins in fruit and vegetables, iron and magnesium, more protein in cereals, and more omega 3 in meat, fish and dairy products. It should also be said that they respect the environment, promote animal welfare and support sustainable development.

Beyond food, you can also find garments made with ecological materials such as cotton, wool, natural fibres or silk, cleaning products, gardening products, soaps, cosmetics and makeup. Discover the wide assortment at our points of sale.

Km 0 or local products are those that are produced and consumed within a close radius that does not exceed 100 km. This reduces pollutant emissions during transport and distribution. They also promote a fairer and more supportive economy that benefits local agriculture and farmers.

In Andorra, you can find totally organic km 0 fruit, vegetables, cured meats, fresh meats, cheeses, beers, wines, honey, jams, etc..

At Grup Hiper Pas, we are aware of the growing concern for the environment. That is why we work to ensure the highest quality and traceability of all the products we offer our customers. Discover the wide assortment of all these products!

In addition, a few weeks ago we inaugurated the new Eco River point of sale at River Centre Comercial. Following the total remodelling of the Sant Julià de Lòria centre, this new space offers a full range of natural, ecological, organic foods and special products for all intolerances. And, as always, at the best price and offering excellent quality. We look forward to seeing you!