Toast, ideal for a different, healthy and tasty breakfast and snack

Do you have the same breakfast or snacks every day and are you tired of the routine? It's curious how we often hate repeating the same meal two days in a row, while it’s not the same for breakfast or snacks, which are frequently very similar every day. However, this does not have to be the case, since toast can provide endless possibilities other than the classic and unhealthy options of biscuits or sugary cereals with milk.

Without a doubt, toast is the best solution for preparing a meal in no time, with a versatility that allows it to be topped with sweet or savoury ingredients, offering healthy and tasty possibilities. And, as we said, different every day.

The important thing for a healthy toast dish is to choose the right bread to toast, like the ones you will find at our points of sale, at River Centre Comercial and at the different Granier Bakery & Coffee points in Andorra. Otherwise, you can opt for Panes Valentina toasts, sold in Andorra exclusively at our points of sale, which comes in classic, whole grain and multigrain versions.

How can you top the toast?

First, you can choose between sweet or savoury, but also whether you want whole ingredients or prefer to spread other products on the bread. Then, it is also essential to decide what to put on it, since butter and jam is not the same as cream of peppers and ham.

If you are looking for sweet toppings, they can be based on fresh fruit, nut creams, cocoa, jams, etc. On the other hand, if you prefer savoury toasts, you have several options with eggs, smoked meats, vegetables, cheeses and sausage. Otherwise, you can top your toast with vegetable creams such as hummus, guacamole, mutabal or other plant-based creams. If you are looking for new ideas, here are some ideas to let your imagination run wild and create your perfect toast for breakfast or a snack:

  • ● With salmon, cucumber and cheese. To the ideal tandem of creamy cheese and smoked salmon, we add some cucumber and red onion.
  • ● With peanut cream and fruit. As an alternative to marmelade, jam or chocolate, the combination of peanut cream with fruit provides a great combination of flavours. For example, why not try it with banana and apple?
  • ● Egg, bacon and spinach. Egg and bacon is a breakfast classic, and adding a base layer of fresh spinach will give you a very tasty toast!
  • ● With hummus, walnuts and pomegranate. Hummus is ideal for both breakfast and snacks due to its nutritional value. You can add walnuts and a few pomegranate seeds, which will bring a unique touch to your toast.
  • ● With cheese and pear. Mixing any cheese, especially creamy ones, with fruit is always a treat, resulting in a satisfying, delicious and healthy meal. In this option, you choose pears with a little cinnamon and light, quick caramelisation in a pan. You can add some nuts as a topping.
  • ● With avocado, smoked cod and asparagus. For this option, we recommend cutting the asparagus into strips and lightly sautéing them in a pan or on the griddle. Place the strips on the cod and the avocado, which should be previously chopped with lemon juice, olive oil and aromatic herbs to obtain a cream.