Saving means knowing how to buy, and we are here to help at Grup Hiper Pas!

Andorra is a great country to visit, particularly in winter, with our breath-taking landscapes attracting millions of tourists, who come to enjoy the more than 300 kilometres of ski slopes that descend our mountains. Andorra also has a rich cuisine and culture, but we stand out in particular as an excellent shopping destination. And as experts in the field, we are well aware of that at Grup Hiper Pas, with our many stores and River Shopping Centre.

No trip to Andorra is truly complete without a visit to our stores, where you will discover new brands, products and unique XXL formats at affordable prices, which are very different from the ones you would normally find elsewhere.

We offer many food products in these large formats, including our 4k jar of olives, our 2k bucket of shelled peanuts, our 1.5k box of madeleines, our puff pastry stick boxes, our XXL chocolate or our 3k chocolate cream spread. We also have XXL cleaning and hygiene products, such as our 150-dose bucket of washing powder, our 5l bottle of washing-up liquid, our pack of 100 dishwasher tablets, or our 200m rolls of aluminium foil and cling film. Our drinks products also come in huge sizes, with up to 4.5l bottles available for our wines and spirits.

Save more with our unique and larger XXL formats!

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourselves down to our stores and start saving now!