Our fundamental values to start 2022 stronger than ever

We are once again coming to the end of a difficult year not only for companies, but above all for people. The pandemic, the fact of not being able to see friends and family, travel restrictions, masks, social distancing, etc. – all these have marked 2021 and will unfortunately continue to accompany us at least through the beginning of the New Year.

During the year that is coming to a close, we have taken another step towards digitalisation with the new Merca Center Ski website. We have also opened La Cava Royal in Pas de la Casa, the Granier Bakery & Coffee in Sant Julià de Lòria and have incorporated Action, a new specialised establishment in Pas de la Casa.

Once again, we continue to place our trust in our country, collaborating with campaigns to avoid  food waste, to prevent and properly separate waste, and to collect food for the Andorran Red Cross. In addition, we sponsor team sports such as VPC Andorra Rugby and River Andorra volleyball, as well as elite athletes, such as racing driver Edgar Montellà and skier Bartu Gabriel. And we continue to collaborate with other sports competitions and cultural initiatives, such as the Andorran Opera, the Andros Trophée and GP series of ice races, as well as La Saison Culturelle Française in Andorra, among others.

The link between the Principality of Andorra and solidarity are part of our DNA

In these times of pandemic, supporting the society, culture and sports of our country is more necessary than ever. The link between the Principality of Andorra and solidarity are part of our DNA. But we also hold other deeply-rooted values, such as commitment to people, our positive attitude to deal with adversity and teamwork. All this has brought us together more than ever in these difficult times. And most importantly, we are confident that it will help us start 2022 stronger than ever. We wish you a Happy New Year!