Fondue: the secrets of an ideal recipe for the cold

Now that the temperatures are dropping, we feel an increasing desire to eat a rich and succulent meal, like fondue. It is a good choice, especially if you are receiving guests, when it brings a certain touch of elegance. Although it may seem very easy to prepare, it is important to know what fondue really is and to take into account some recommendations to avoid making mistakes.

The most classic version is cheese fondue, but it is not the only type you can prepare: there are also meat and chocolate fondues, the last of which can be prepared as an original dessert. In all three cases, we could summarise fondue as dipping small pieces of food with skewers into hot liquids, such as melted cheese, oil or chocolate, but it is much more.

  • - Cheese: the traditional fondue has three types of cheese, which are usually gouda, gruyère and emmental, and a few drops of cherry liqueur or white wine. The trio of cheeses are melted in a pot in the kitchen and brought to the centre of the table. There, each guest pierces a piece of bread with their skewer and dips it to enjoy the cheeses. If you want, however, you can eat it with mushrooms, sausages, omelette or chives: your imagination, and everyone's tastes, will play a very important role!
  • - Meat: if you opt for a more carnivorous version, the pot will not contain cheese but hot oil. And instead of piercing bread, you place pre-cut pieces of meat prepared for the fondue onto the skewer. We recommend a lean and tender cut: the result is a real pleasure, a piece of meat that is juicy on the inside but crispy and golden on the outside. If you opt for this version, you mustn’t forget to have several sauces with which to dress the meat.

Whether it's meat or cheese, don't leave the wine, which is as an absolute must, to the last minute: in the case of a cheese fondue the best wine would be a dry white, while for a meat fondue our recommendation would be a good cabernet sauvignon.

  • - Chocolate: chocolate lovers, or those who prefer a fondue for dessert, also have their choice. Similar to the other versions, it consists of melted chocolate into which you dip skewers with fruit, meringue, biscuits or other foods. The most classic is dark chocolate accompanied by fresh fruit, but there are other delicious alternatives, such as white or milk chocolate, according to your preferences.

And you, which type of fondue do you prefer? Remember that at our points of sale and at River Centre Comercial you will find all the ingredients to make your cheese, meat or chocolate fondue a success, with quality products and at the best price. We look forward to seeing you!