Discover the true origin of the croissant and what makes it so irresistible

International Croissant Day is celebrated every January 30 to spread the renown of a pastry that enjoys widespread acceptance for its rich flavour, aroma and crunchy texture, in addition to the fact that it can be consumed at any time of day. Although it is difficult to imagine anyone today who does not know what a croissant is, if you ask about its origin, most of the answers you get will refer to France, but this is not the case. Did you know it's Viennese?

To discover its origin you need to travel back in time to the 17th century, when Austria was under attack by the Ottoman Empire. After several unsuccessful attempts, the Ottoman troops decided to attack Vienna by surprise, acting at night. It was precisely the bakers who, because they work at night, warned the army and the population of the attempted assault by the Ottoman army and thus enabled the Austrians to come out victorious by surprising the attackers. To celebrate, the pastry guild created a croissant in the shape of a crescent, an emblem used by the Ottoman Empire.

But what makes croissants so irresistible? There are various foods that, due to their taste and texture, become magnetic, with high acceptance among the population. According to some studies carried out on human behaviour, it is known that certain products produce additive reactions, in addition to triggering chemical substances in the body like dopamine and beta-endorphin that are responsible for producing pleasure. The croissant has this effect on most people because processed products such as sugar and other carbohydrates are required to make it.

However, the high acceptance rate of the croissant goes further, thanks to the pleasant crunchy sensation of each of its layers, making it desirable. In addition, it is a brioche that can be consumed with both sweet products, such as chocolate, and savoury products, like cheeses and sausages. Or it can be savoured alone, accompanied by coffee, tea or a glass of milk, for example.

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