At Group Hiper Pas we support culture

In 2011, UNESCO proclaimed the fourth week of May as International Arts Education Week in order to raise awareness among educational institutions, government and the general public about the importance of this area of learning for dialogue, diversity and social cohesion. This year’s celebrations take place during the week that begins today, Monday, 22 May.

At Grup Hiper Pas we are aware of the need to promote this education, in all forms of art, and for this reason we support different initiatives and activities that promote the cultural development of the Principality of Andorra. That is why we are sponsors of the Andorran Opera Season, the Saison Culturelle Française in Andorra, the Encamp Sardanista Group, the Encamp Esbart Sant Romano, the Little Singers Choir and the Canòlich Music Festival.

Art is key to training generations capable of reinventing the world they have inherited. It reinforces the vitality of cultural identities and promotes relationships with other communities. For this reason, in addition to recommending that you enjoy any upcoming performances of the groups and associations mentioned above, we want to share with you some ideas on how you can also celebrate International Arts Education Week at home:

  • ● Visit a museum: These centers are full of art and culture, so a visit could be an ideal plan for this week.
  • ● Family choreography: And why not dance all together? Choose a song and invent a series of steps to the rhythm of the music. Everything doesn't have to be perfect, the key is to let yourselves go and have fun dancing.
  • ● Reproduce a famous painting: At the end you will obtain several versions of an original work that you have chosen. They don't have to be perfect, you just have to be creative!
  • ● Take artistic photos: Photography is also art, so another option is to take advantage of the numerous devices that can take photos that we have at home or on the street, photographing everything around us: ourselves, the streets, nature...

Culture is one of the most precious assets that we have as a society and that is why it is important to be aware of the fundamental role played by music, dance, painting, opera, etc. in our lives.