Animal milk: Different types and their characteristics

As for all other mammals, milk is a key element of our diet during the first months or years of our life, as it is essential to proper development. Although it is no longer essential as we grow older, animal milk remains a key ingredient in many recipes and diets, and it is the basic ingredient of what we know as dairy products, such as cheese, yoghurt, butter or cream.

To talk of milk is to talk of a food that provides us with many nutrients, such as proteins, vitamins A and D, and most of all, calcium, all of which are key elements for our health. However, although there are as many types of animal milk as there are mammal species, not all milks are suitable for human consumption. This article discusses some of the varieties of milk you'll find in our sales outlets and in River Centre Comercial:

  • - Cow's milk: The dominant milk type on the market, good for keeping bones strong and healthy and to prevent osteoporosis, it provides proteins such as casein and vitamins A, D, B and E.
  • - Sheep's milk: Most often associated with cheese, this is the milk with the lowest cholesterol content, in addition to having a high content in iron, vitamins A and C, and containing 80% more calcium than cow's milk.
  • - Goat's milk: With interesting quantities of vitamin A, D and B2 and minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium, goat's milk also stands out as a source of high-quality, high-biological value proteins that provide practically the full range of known amino acids.
  • - Buffalo's milk: Although this may not be your typical drink, you must try the cheeses, such as the famous búfala mozzarella cheese.
  • - There is also camel's milk which has a certain salty taste and is packed with three times more vitamin C than cow's milk; yak's milk with its sweet taste and fragrant aroma, as well as milk from other species such as mare, reindeer, llama, chamois or donkey's milk which are more commonly consumed on other continents.

Apart from this categorisation by type of animal, milk is also available in different variants:

  • - Whole: Retains all the basic nutrients through pasteurisation and sterilisation processes.
  • - Semi-skimmed: Has half the fat content of whole milk but retains all the nutrients.
  • - Skimmed: Usually with only 0.1 to 0.5% fat content and hence a smaller quantity of nutrients. It is ideal for people who have cholesterol issues and for those who watch their weight.
  • - Lactose free: Designed for lactose-intolerant people, with added lactase to facilitate a better absorption of both components of lactose (glucose and galactose).
  • - With supplements such as calcium, vitamins, fibre, proteins, etc.

No matter which milk you prefer, you will find top quality milk at unbeatable prices in our sales outlets and in River Centre Comercial. Come visit us!