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since 1978

Hiper Pas Group is a supermarket chain with more than forty years of history. We’re a benchmark in the food distribution industry in Andorra, where we have twenty-two stores.



Today, the group has twenty-three stores and specialised shops for customers to enjoy an amazing shopping experience.

We centralise the purchases sent out every day to our stores by using our own logistics force.
We have various spaces where customers can find a huge variety of products and brands.
Stores with carefully selected items, some of which are locally sourced.
We like to explore new business lines to adapt to industry trends and customer demands.
The River Centre Comercial stocks a huge range of products and services, available also for home delivery, online sale and in-store pick-up.



Hiper Pas Group joins the ‘European Week for Waste Prevention’

Our Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility is based on three pillars: our team, the environment and the company. It is for this reason that between 20 and 28 November, we will join the ‘European Waste Prevention Week’. The EWWR is a public authority campaign, with private collaboration, to promote activities concerning the sustainable management of resources […]


Three ways to eat hummus

Hummus is a chickpea puree with some other ingredients, which has its origins in ancient Egypt and now essential in our cuisine. Even you can buy it already made in our stores, you can also prepare it yourself at home, as it is very easy to cook. You only need ingredients that you can also […]


Do you know the benefits of eating gluten free?

More and more people who do not suffer from coeliac disease decide to eat gluten-free foods like bread or pasta. Gluten is a plant-based protein found in cereal flours such as wheat, barley, rye or oats, among others. Once ingested, its proteins must be digested and metabolised, which coeliac people cannot properly absorb due to […]


Celebrate All Saints’ Day with the best “panellets”!

This week, before the first of November, at Hiper Pas Group we are already celebrating! Because we want to commemorate All Saints’ Day with sweet potatoes, chestnuts and, above all, with the most varied “panellets”. Choose your prefered “panellet”: pine nuts, lemon, orange, fruit, coconut, almond, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, etc. You can pair them with […]


Why should we consume vegetable milks, cheeses and yoghurts?

More and more people are deciding to change from dairy products to plant-based ones. In other words, they prefer not to consume cow’s or goat’s milk or cheese or yoghurt derivatives and replace them with products made with almonds, soy, coconut… i.e. foods that do not contain lactose. Do you know the benefits of consuming […]


At Hiper Pas Group you will find small personal electrical appliances for the whole family

Have you ever thought about all the small personal electrical appliances you have at home? You surely have many more than you would imagine! Each member of your family has specific hair care needs. Teens often use hair stylers (for straightening or waving); mothers use hair dryers (they want them to be light and powerful […]


The 5 essential vitamins for autumn

Do you know which vitamins you need to face the autumn season and maintain your energy level, prevent hair loss and, above all, prepare your immune system against possible colds? Here are the 5 most necessary for your health: -Vitamin A. To strengthen your defences and prevent infections and diseases. You will find it in […]


The autumn-winter 2021-2022 collection has already arrived at our M. Center Ski shop!

The new autumn-winter 2021-2022 collection has arrived at M.Center Ski del Pas de la Casa, our shop specialising in the rental and sale of ski and mountain equipment. New arrivals in trousers, jackets and t-shirts; accessories including footwear, socks and backpacks; and equipment such as skis, helmets and poles… Everything you need to enjoy the […]