retail space

since 1978

Hiper Pas Group is a supermarket chain with more than forty years of history. We’re a benchmark in the food distribution industry in Andorra, where we have twenty-two stores.



Today, the group has twenty-three stores and specialised shops for customers to enjoy an amazing shopping experience.

We centralise the purchases sent out every day to our stores by using our own logistics force.
We have various spaces where customers can find a huge variety of products and brands.
Stores with carefully selected items, some of which are locally sourced.
We like to explore new business lines to adapt to industry trends and customer demands.
The River Centre Comercial stocks a huge range of products and services, available also for home delivery, online sale and in-store pick-up.



Tips to avoid food waste

Did you know that a third of the food produced in the world ends up being wasted? To raise awareness of this figure, calculated by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste is celebrated every year on September 29. I provides an opportunity to […]


Welcome to the fascinating world of charcuterie!

At Grup Hiper Pas we are specialists in charcuterie. A delicatessen is a space where essentially meat-based food products are processed, preserved and sold. The idea originated in Egypt and since then meat has been preserved with the technique of salting and curing, prolonging the life of animal products. Today, charcuterie products are part of […]


Saving means knowing how to buy: succeed with Hiper Pas Group!

Once the summer is over and we go back to our work routines, when the time comes to take stock and set ourselves new resolutions, we always think about saving more. At Hiper Pas Group, we are experts at this: we stand by you to help you make your shopping basket as economical as possible. […]


Fulfil your new resolutions for this coming season with Group Hiper Pas!

Summer is drawing to an end and we’ll soon be getting back to our post-holiday routines. We often take advantage of the start of a new school year to create a list of new resolutions. Perhaps we some repeat some of them every year, but others are surely new. Be that as it may, at […]


Recommendations to take care of your skin and hair after the summer

The exposure of our bodies to sunlight during the summer has many benefits, but we can’t hide the fact that, when we get back to our routines after the holidays, we notice how our skin and hair have been affected by factors like the sun, salt, chlorine or heat. However, the effects are reversible with […]


What is the difference between ecological, bio, organic, kilometre 0 and local food?

Many of us have changed our eating habits and have improved the quality of the products we consume, and more people are considering it. However, beyond following a balanced diet based on fruits, vegetables and cereals, do we know how to identify the differences between bio, ecological, organic, kilometre 0 and local foods? Although the […]


The Pretty Hair shop launches a website!

Continuing the digitisation process of the Hiper Pas Group, The Pretty Hair, the establishment specialising in professional hair products, make-up and cosmetics located in Pas de la Casa, has launched its own website! You can now visit it at theprettyhairandorra.com. This is a very intuitive website with a very attractive visual design to make it […]


Back to school at the best prices!

In a few weeks school starts again, and we need to have everything ready: material, textbooks, shoes, clothes and gown marked with our child’s name… Remember that at our points of sale at the River Centre Comerial, we offer you a complete range of school supplies: notebooks, pens, folders, cases… And also backpacks with or […]