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since 1978

Hiper Pas Group is a supermarket chain with more than forty years of history. We’re a benchmark in the food distribution industry in Andorra, where we have twenty-two stores.



Today, the group has twenty-three stores and specialised shops for customers to enjoy an amazing shopping experience.

We centralise the purchases sent out every day to our stores by using our own logistics force.
We have various spaces where customers can find a huge variety of products and brands.
Stores with carefully selected items, some of which are locally sourced.
We like to explore new business lines to adapt to industry trends and customer demands.
The River Centre Comercial stocks a huge range of products and services, available also for home delivery, online sale and in-store pick-up.



1st June: World Milk Day

Milk is not only a key component of our diet, but also a vital ingredient in the kitchen. It is one of the most widely consumed raw materials in the world and, naturally, the star ingredient in the world of confectionery. To celebrate World Milk Day in style, here are some mouth-watering milk-based recipes. – […]


At Group Hiper Pas we support culture

In 2011, UNESCO proclaimed the fourth week of May as International Arts Education Week in order to raise awareness among educational institutions, government and the general public about the importance of this area of learning for dialogue, diversity and social cohesion. This year’s celebrations take place during the week that begins today, Monday, 22 May. […]


Interview with Fabio Serra, captain of FC Pas de la Casa

Having spent more seasons in the principality’s top leagues than any other current player, Fabio Serra is a legend of Andorran football. He has captained FC Pas de la Casa, a team sponsored by the Grup Hiper Pas, since the summer, helping them clinch promotion to the Andorran First Division. And you can learn more […]


The ultimate Quiche Lorraine recipe!

France boasts a world-renowned cuisine, with iconic dishes that everyone knows and prepares at home. Quiche Lorraine is a classic meal served at many celebrations: it is delicious both hot and cold and revered by young and old alike. This savoury pastry is named after the French region of Lorraine, its birthplace, and the word […]


Wash your clothes sustainably with Hiper Pas Group!

Well aware of the need to protect the environment, you have probably been doing your bit too, adopting more and more responsible habits in your daily life. But did you know that you can also wash your clothes sustainably? Now, that’s where we come in at Hiper Pas Group. We have made life easier for […]


Discover the origins of the Hot Dog and enjoy some at home with our various recipe suggestions!

The Hot Dog is a popular food item all over the world, but what do we really know about it? Its name takes us straight to the United States, from where it was exported and became popular the world over. However, its origins in the USA can be traced back to German immigrants who crossed […]


Tips for successful barbecue

A barbecue is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with friends and family. With the arrival of the warm temperatures of spring and summer, it’s the ideal way to enjoy a meal outside. But what does it really take to make a perfect barbecue? Take note of these tips to make […]


What types of wine are there?

What is the origin of wine and when did we begin to ferment grapes? These are difficult questions to answer, because although the first archaeological evidence places it in the Neolithic period, it was recently discovered that Georgia is the cradle of wine, whereas it was previously thought to be an area between present-day Iraq […]