retail space

since 1978

Hiper Pas Group is a supermarket chain with more than forty years of history. We’re a benchmark in the food distribution industry in Andorra, where we have twenty-two stores.



Today, the group has twenty-three stores and specialised shops for customers to enjoy an amazing shopping experience.

We centralise the purchases sent out every day to our stores by using our own logistics force.
We have various spaces where customers can find a huge variety of products and brands.
Stores with carefully selected items, some of which are locally sourced.
We like to explore new business lines to adapt to industry trends and customer demands.
The River Centre Comercial stocks a huge range of products and services, available also for home delivery, online sale and in-store pick-up.



Toast, ideal for a different, healthy and tasty breakfast and snack

Do you have the same breakfast or snacks every day and are you tired of the routine? It’s curious how we often hate repeating the same meal two days in a row, while it’s not the same for breakfast or snacks, which are frequently very similar every day. However, this does not have to be […]


Discover the true origin of the croissant and what makes it so irresistible

International Croissant Day is celebrated every January 30 to spread the renown of a pastry that enjoys widespread acceptance for its rich flavour, aroma and crunchy texture, in addition to the fact that it can be consumed at any time of day. Although it is difficult to imagine anyone today who does not know what […]


Hiper Pas Group, your shopping destination for this winter

This winter, Andorra offers landscapes of imposing beauty and captivating nature, with snow-capped mountains that become the ideal setting for winter sports. The country is an ideal destination during these months, but beyond the world of snow, the Principality also stands out for its gastronomy, culture and well-preserved Romanesque monuments. And also for shopping: Andorra […]


The croquette, a perfect dish to avoid food waste

January 16 is a special day for croquette lovers, because it is International Croquette Day. Whether as an aperitif or as a main course, it is a dish that is much appreciated by food lovers which, in addition, becomes one of the perfect allies in the fight against food waste because it helps us avoid […]


Tips and tricks to overcome the costs and expenses of January that will serve you for the whole year

January is usually a tough month. Not only because of the weather conditions, being the middle of winter, but also because you have to deal with day-to-day payments, with the consequent increase in prices, and the feeling of being overwhelmed that comes with the weeks after the Christmas holidays. Also, after Christmas spending on gifts, […]


Let’s stand by our country and start 2023 with greater strength and optimism!

Now that 2022 has reached an end, the job of remembering the whole year brings back images that may seem distant, but are not that far away: twelve months ago, we were still wearing masks, there were certain restrictions and there were still a few months left of fighting against Covid. Although the previous one […]


Would you like to know more about alpinist Stefi Troguet?

Talking about Stefi Troguet is to talk about a real summit hunter, one of the most important current values in the mountains. The 30-year-old Andorran alpinist climbed the legendary K2 last August without the aid of artificial oxygen and already has three of the fourteen eight-thousand-metre peaks on her CV. Although her energy and ever-present […]


Fondue: the secrets of an ideal recipe for the cold

Now that the temperatures are dropping, we feel an increasing desire to eat a rich and succulent meal, like fondue. It is a good choice, especially if you are receiving guests, when it brings a certain touch of elegance. Although it may seem very easy to prepare, it is important to know what fondue really […]