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since 1978

Hiper Pas Group is a supermarket chain with more than forty years of history. We’re a benchmark in the food distribution industry in Andorra, where we have twenty-two stores.



Today, the group has twenty-three stores and specialised shops for customers to enjoy an amazing shopping experience.

We centralise the purchases sent out every day to our stores by using our own logistics force.
We have various spaces where customers can find a huge variety of products and brands.
Stores with carefully selected items, some of which are locally sourced.
We like to explore new business lines to adapt to industry trends and customer demands.
The River Centre Comercial stocks a huge range of products and services, available also for home delivery, online sale and in-store pick-up.



Grup Hiper Pas, the shopping destination in Andorra

Andorra is a country of great tourist attraction. The millions of visitors that the country receives each year come for the ski slopes, the captivating nature of the Principality and its cultural and gastronomic offer. But Andorra is also a shopping destination, and at Grup Hiper Pas we are well aware of this. Apart from […]


Tuna, a treasure of the sea to take care of

Today, the second of May, is World Tuna Day, the celebration of a species with a high nutritional value. It represents 20% of total sea fishing, with more than a dozen species in the world, being the most appreciated, the common (or blue) tuna and the white (or northern bonito) tuna. The benefits of tuna […]


How many types of gazpacho are there?

With the arrival of good weather and summer heat, a number of typical dishes begin to predominate in our diet, and gazpacho is certainly one of the favourite foods of this time of year. But did you know that there is more than just the traditional tomato version? There are many more variants that enable […]


How to choose the most suitable vegetable drink

More and more people are choosing to replace animal milk with a vegetable drink. This has increased the offer and today there is a wide variety of drinks made with ingredients as diverse as soy, oats, rice, hazelnuts, almonds and coconut, for example. In addition to the main ingredient, you can also find vegetable drinks […]


Do you want to know more about Andorran driver Raül Ferré?

Since April, Grup Hiper Pas has sponsored Andorran driver Raül Ferré, from the Young Drivers Programme of the Automobile Club of Andorra (ACA), who is currently and for the second consecutive year, the official driver of the SilverCar team. Born in Andorra la Vella in December 1997, he has enjoyed an exponential rise as a […]


Celebrate Easter with the Easter ‘mona’ cake!

One of the most ingrained Easter traditions is the ‘Mona de Pasqua’. Godparents mustn’t forget to offer their godchildren a mona on Easter Monday. Would you like to know a little more about its history? Originally, the mona was a cake made of flour, sugar, egg and salt. It was round in shape, crowned with […]


Get to know the best seasonal fruits and vegetables

Spring is here, the time of year that fills us with joy as the good weather begins, the days get longer with more sunlight and the temperatures become more pleasant… In addition, spring offers us fruit and vegetables at their best, bursting with sweetness and freshness. Do you know the great variety of seasonal fruits […]


Do you know the difference between food allergy and intolerance?

Food allergies and intolerances are very present in our daily lives. Many people suffer from the consequences of these digestive deficits that prevent them from eating certain types of food. Knowing someone in our circle of family and friends who suffers from them or being one of those affected is more common than we might […]